Wednesday, September 12

Love that Dickel

Ugggh! I was all ready to get back to work after our gettaway weekend (you know how it is, you rest, you get inspired!) and blamo, I got a head cold.

Do you make hot toddies when you are sick? My friend Jane makes the very best ones. Here is the recipe:

* Half lemon squeezed into your favorite mug
* Fill 'er up with hot water
* Squeeze some honey into that mug (like a TBS)
* One half shot of Dickel baby
* add more lemon if you like it tart

Drink with reckless abandon.


  1. Around these parts, we simply call that "cough medicine". Except, we usually try to find some really good homemade shine to use in it.

  2. Oh, yummy. Do I HAVE to be sick to drink one?

  3. I could use a Dickel right now, baby.

  4. Back in the early 1980s, we always spent Christmas with my wife's family. This included our youngest daughter nicknamed Buff, who works with you. Coming up from Shreveport, LA was the patriarch of the family Hubert (Dan) Cross. He was over 90, blind, and spent his days sipping whiskey, smoking and listening to Hank Williams.

    I always wrapped a bottle of George Dickel and put it under the tree. Of course, when handed the present he recognized the bottle by touch and his face would light up. It would be about 8:30 Christmas morning and he would lean over to me and whisper "We need to sample this to make certain it didn't spoil overnight." It sometimes took more than one sample to be certain it was a good bottle.

    After one such morning, Dan carefully held our baby daughter, his great granddaughter in his arms and sang "My Wild Irish Rose" to her.


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