Lucky me!

Happy Friday! I am about to head out to the gym, then lunch with a friend. I am pretty stoked. This week has been a fire roasted shit sandwich with a side of arthritis. Yup, my early 30's bad ass has arthritis in my knees. I also have a friend who is tackling some of life's hardest stuff and I can't help but suffer for my friends when they suffer. But there is something to celebrate! Aside from my general amazingness, naturally.

My best friend Jane is engaged!! Its the cutest engagement story ever but I can't tell you b/c it involves the CIA. Not really, but it does involve shampoo, so lets leave it at that. I am the matron of honor! Holly shit! I squealed and cried when she told me, I am so fraking excited that I can't stop pinning wedding stuff. I get to see her next week when she is in town looking at venues. Her family lives here, so lucky lucky me she is getting married here too! Have I mentioned that I am so excited, I feel like I am getting married. Mostly though I am happy that she found a really true man to marry, he is sweet and genuine and he really loves her. I would wish nothing more for my bestie than to have the kind of love I have with O. Its the best feeling in the world to marry your best friend, I am going to cry just thinking about it.


  1. There's nothing better than seeing the ones you love being in love and getting married. Yay to your BF!

  2. Aaaaw, that's so sweet. I get it. I married my best friend, too. And I am absolutely thrilled for Jane! Please pass on the congrats to her and her family. I'm sure Max will give her a big woo hoo via FB, but give her a hug from us when you see her. Such wonderful news!


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