Monday, January 7

Thank you

Wow, can I get an amen up in here! You guys are the best! I mean, your comments and emails really touched me. You reached out and gave me some wisdom and a knowing nod of the head and a few finger wags. I received one especially wonderful email, it was so earnest and beautiful written, not to mention really knocked some sense into me. This reader wrote to tell me that she had recently found my blog, and had read through it. She says that she was inspired to introduce beauty into her every day life, and allow herself to appreciate nice things more because she is discovering her artistic self. Thats pretty much the gist, she said some very nice things about me and this blog, which made me blush, and I won't repeat b/c its embarrassing. At the end she said this, and boy was it humbling:

Resolve to: Keep that vacation feeling and use it at home too.

Resolve to: not dress like a schlubb (thanks for that word!) every day. I look homeless ya'll.

"I could be jealous of you, but instead I'm profoundly grateful for the inspiration that you brought me.  And you lit a fire that needed to be lit....I started using your life as an example when I shared with my friends what I dreamt for myself."

My favorite part is "lit a fire that needed to be lit." I personally have been endlessly inspired by other bloggers for years and years. Not just bloggers, but powerful woman who seemed like they were living the live I wanted. I remember wishing with all my heart that I could be working for myself; selling art felt like a pipe dream. We are all constantly inspiring the next person to grow and strive.  Thats whats important, and why jealousy isn't all bad. Its like jealousy is the beacon that makes you see there is something wrong that you need to address.

Resolve to: Be more grateful of what I have accomplished and not compare my path to others.

I feel blessed to be able to inspire another person, and I know that my mystery blogger is just trying to inspire others also. I am totally on her team, and rooting her on in her adventures in life because I believe that if I give good, I get it back too. Thank you for reminding me friends!

Resolve to: Experience new places without getting depressed that I don't live there! 
Its time to set some new goals for myself, and take steps to make them happen. I have felt stuck for a little while now, and needing a change. O and I have to work through that together, and find a way to fit everything in. We have set up some times together to really hash out some doable goals for us this year, and beyond. I have a few ideas on how I can incorporate some more challenging aspects to my work too. I want to collaborate, travel and grow with my work. I am ok with the fact that I am still growing and evolving, and I hope thats always the case. This is the fun part! The part where I climb up the ladder a little higher and the view will be that much better.

I have been writing this post for like ever today. It has been one of those days where you have a little here, and then a little time there. I really wanted to say thank you!

Resolve to: Always show you stuff that makes me laugh! Why is the Gone with the Wind lady making that face? And why are the words dripping? This is someone's living room for pete's sake!


  1. I think that you are freaking awesome! Because of art and creativity, my life is full. You were one of my first inspirations, when picking up the paintbrush again, a year ago. Keep being yourself!

  2. You really made me laugh with that last picture. I love reading everything you write! you are amazing at making people laugh! i am gonna share this post! absolutely!!!

  3. That is the scariest mural I've ever seen in my life!

  4. Always inspired by you here in Mississippi! keep it coming.

  5. You inspire me so much, too!! Looking and reading in your blog always reminds of my dreams, reminds of striving for more beauty, creativity and art in my life. I could be jealous of you, too, but I feel more like your dear reader, I am just so grateful for someone like you, who is so generous and inspiring, who motivate us to not abandon our dreams and affinities, people who celebrate beauty, traveling, good life. I whish you aaaallll the best for 2013, with love, Barbara


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