O's Christmas Present

I never know what to get O as a gift. He is a super talented musician but his equipment is all specific and obscure, thats nothing I can wrap the ol bean around. So this year I decided to give him something sentimental.*
I love sailing! And I always try to get on the water in every city I visit. Maybe b/c one of my favorite childhood memories is sailing on my uncles boat in Argentina when I was a kiddo.

Check out the facial topiaries. 

Enter Paul Ferney's commission project. I love his paintings so much, and I always wanted him to paint a commission for me. Originally I wanted him to paint us, but I don't have any good photos (note to self, ask more strangers to take pictures of us! and take off my sunglasses). Anyway, so I thought about some of the best memories we have shared over the last years and decided on a sale sail we took around Manhattan island on our third wedding anniversary.

We had a magical time that evening! The weather was brisk and cool, the wind was sharp and the sail boat was bobbing and the sales sails whipped around, you know that sound is so specific. I love being on the water so much, and this particular time we really enjoyed chatting to our captain, who learned about boats from his boating enthusiast father, and he also restores old sailboats in his spare time.

I love how it turned out, he captured the moment perfect. I chose a blond frame, and its about 8x10 inches oil on board. I can't wait for his next commission project, I will be first in line :) There are several paintings of his that I love, see some here!

In case you are wondering, O gave me some beautiful blue mother of pearl earrings that I had on my pin board for like ever. I was pretty excited and have been wearing them non stop.


  1. Craigers bestie,

    This looks awesome! And I'm excited for you and your friend's wedding!

    A question for you: Do you have any plans to do a large canvas print of Trellus (from your 2012 calendar)?

    Erin @ Dwell & Tell


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