Thursday, February 14

Cute nursery

A lovely woman sent me her mood board for her new nursery in her Coconut Grove, Fla home. Isn't it so pretty! I am currently planning a Miami getaway with O for my birthday in May, so it fits my mood just right.

She is getting the Pamela print.


  1. very pretty and so sophisticated. I can just imagine rocking a sweet smelling baby to sleep with my feet resting on that shiny pouf while getting lost in your painting. dreamy.

    1. Very evocative! I agree, lovely place to deal with baby poop :P

  2. Dude. My MA painting in Tyler's nursery is still my favorite part of the space! Well I mean, aside from the kid and all.

  3. This is so funny, I have a mood board for a nursery with one of your paintings too!! This makes me excited.


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