Monday, February 4

Shameless promotion and bitching

Well, I did nothing this whole weekend. It was infuriating! I have a stupid cold, and my stupid throat hurts. Hmph!!

O, however did some research on our little quick trip coming up next weekend to Ponte Vedra, and St. Augustine Florida. I went to St. Augustine when I was a kid, looking forward to exploring the fort, and wandering around without getting heat stroke. If you are going to be around that area next weekend, stop by Stellars Gallery for a little Abstract Expressionist Extravaganza.

dude, check it:

Marriage by Christina Foard. 48x60. Mixed Media on Canvas.

Cheese Sauce Reflex by Shawn Meharg (now thats my kind of title). 22x17. Mixed Media on Panel.

Untitled by Denise Choppin. 18x18. Acrylic on Panel.

I will be showing some stuff ain't no one seen yet. Ya'll, its super special:

Elemenopee by Michelle Armas. 48x60. Acrylic on Canvas.


  1. I have the EXACT same cold. Glad it ain't the flu though!!!! Have a fab trip! I'm going to Tucson to take the college boy to breakfast and then thrift shop like a muther. ♡

  2. Aww I'm so sad I won't be able to make it to your show! I've always admired your work and authentic personality here on your blog! I live about 20minutes away but sadly no sitter! Anyways hope you have a great showing, gorgeous work as always!


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