Wednesday, February 20

Heeeeey Sexy Lady

1. I am painting with this color story today. I never, ever get tired of blues and greens.

2. I am a nerd. Today at the gym I was doing pull ups. And you know, I have to really get my head in the right place, b/c I am just hanging there, and I gotta get up over that bar...So this popped into my head:  "Ok, Michelle, just pretend you have to make a pratonus, and you have to concentrate really hard."

3. Speaking of blue. This is one of the best rooms I have seen in a long time, I keep staring at it. I may paint it.

4. I want to eat here when I hit up NYC in May.

5. Have you ever worn a red bathing suit? For some reason I can't picture myself in it, but I love red. I like this one b/c the bottoms look comfy, but still cute, and the top doesn't have underwire, ewe.

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  1. I'll have to try your pratonus trick next time I go to the gym. Beautiful colors to work with btw. I can't wait tot see the paintings you make out of that!


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