Thursday, April 25

Air Pistols

A few weeks ago a lovely lady named Emily emailed me with images of her beautiful living room, in progress. She was looking for something large with dusty blues and silver tones. As soon as I saw the room I thought about this painting that I had not posted yet, Air Pistols. I had this feeling that the fresh minty green and bold gold would really stand out and be interesting in her space. Well, I love how it looks in there. Thats all. Just bragging.

I named this painting for my friend Matt, or Matty Biz to his friends. I shared some good news with him once and he just leaned back in his chair and pulled "pistols" out of his pockets and shot them up in the air. Pew Pew Pew!! It was hilarious, and adorable.


  1. i love the pristine, airy, high-class room....and the starbucks cup just below the painting.....perfect.

  2. may be one of my favorites....elegant


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