My quick little trip to Belgium

O has been away on business so much lately. He was recently in Frankfurt and Antwerp, so at the last moment I decided to join him in Brussels after he was all done with work to chill out and eat and wander for four days. I found us an apartment in Upper town (Brussels is divided between Upper town, and Lower Town.) Lower town is more touristy and cozier with the older areas and the Grand Place. We chose Upper Town because the apartment is on a quiet street, all offices around us. Also it was just perfect became it looked clean and cute and had plenty of room and a little back porch. For me outside space is a must! I want to pretend I am a local. The metro system is super easy to use, its a pretty small city.

I love all the beautiful details. One day the doors were open on that stunning terrace and we could see someone typing away at their desk. I wanted to fly over and look around!

1. I arrived pretty well rested, but kinda jet lagged. O and I were so happy to see each other! We took our time un-packing and getting the laundry started for O. I was impatient to get out and about so we headed right out to visit the Grand Place. We had a touristy lunch wich we devoured anyway and then came back to take a nap.

For dinner we tried to go to this cute little place but the owner told us that they were booked up solid, on a Wednesday night! We made a reservation for the next night, and had mules and frites, and plenty of beer down the street.

2. The next day we tried to go to a Patisserie our host had recommended, but we were not in the mood for so much bread. Oh, you can't get away from eating bread in Europe! Luckily we had stocked up on yogurt and ham/cheese and fruit. Best part of being in an apartment vs. a hotel. We had fun at the Comic Strip Museum. O for the comics, me for the history of the Horta designed building. After, we strolled along and had frites (french fries that are double fried in beef fat! Plus lots of mayo, really good fatty mayo. YUM!)

We happend upon this really beautiful little park and ended up taking a nap! I was dreaming and everything. I woke up because an adorable little girl was sniffing me! She was holding a huge blue soccer ball and running around to everyone in the park. She ran away when I said hello. After we needed a little pick me up; hot chocolate and chocolate croissant! Yes please.

We never went home that day so to kill time before our beautiful dinner, we had some Kwak. Our favorite beer.

I should have taken photos of our dinner. It was a mother and son team and they drive to Florence to buy fresh ingredients every few weeks. We stuffed ourselves and really enjoyed the friendly people and delish fresh pasta.

3. We just wandered around eating Shwarma on the third day, oh and tasting beer.

4. We woke up early and went to Antwerp. It was a Saturday, the sun was shining. Sheer bliss! We were craving brunch a lot and we found this adorable little patio in the sun and the servers were so nice to us, even though they didn't speak french, and we didn't speak Dutch. Then we strolled around and had more frites and beer and cheese. I bought some shoes from a cute little store, and it seriously could not have been nicer. I wish we had spent more time there.

We made it back to Brussels just in time to have dinner at the famous Les Brasseries Georges. Best grilled Sole and Steak Tartar of my life! We sat outside with a view of the national forrest, and enjoyed the people watching and ate waaaay too much.

Today I am back at it! Woke up at five AM ready to start the action. Salad for the rest of the week yo! I already posted most of these images on Instagram btw.

Thank you to everyone for your patience. I have replied to all emails, and all orders are in process! 


  1. enjoyed following your trip via instagram so much. Suddenly I want some bread...and a beer

  2. This sounds like the perfect little trip! I really want to go to Brussels!

  3. It's great to wrap a mini-vacation in with busy overseas work. I really enjoyed following along on your Belgian jaunt on Instagram!

  4. You guys are too cute. (second one up from the bottom).

  5. How absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing with us and letting us live vicariously through you.

  6. Love your pictures! Looks like it was an amazing trip! Now I want to go to Brussels too!

  7. Wow! Great paintings. It looks awesome.


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