Wednesday, April 10

I love art and dresses!

I was trying to re-focus my thoughts on creation so that I could tear myself away from email and start to paint. I love to stop by some of my favorite blogs and I found two new awesome websites! So fun!

Leif. Its super cute. I love a place to find affordable original, quirky art. I saw this via Jordan.

I think I would buy this one by Malissa Ryder. Whoa, that link will send you down a rabbit hole!

I also like this one from her shop.

Then I saw the Dina dress from En Soie on Joy's blog. Isn't she adorable? She has great style. This dress pretty much has everything I would want in a dress. The shape is flattering, it goes past the knees, has a button down collar for customized boobage, and an easy sleeve shape too. It comes in nice prints as well. I particularly like the blue one. So classic!

What a pretty print. I also like the blue. What do you think orange or blue? I am headed to LA in May, but my friend lives about an hour away from this shop, so its kinda not gonna happen.

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  1. Love the watercolors. Makes me want to drag out my paints.


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