Tuesday, May 7

Soho Beach House

It was pretty awesome. I don't know what else to say on the matter, I mean. It would sound too braggy. Starting with our arrival at the Soho Beach House, and unexpected upgrade to an ocean front suite (holy shit it is beautiful, thank you sososo much SBH!), the stunning beaches, sunshine, attentive service, beautiful ground and decor, and hilarious people watching. It was an epic birthday. O and I will most certainly be back.

It feels like cheating to post pictures from instagram... But anyway I had to show you the stunning suite we stayed in. Everything was unique, and beautiful. I had to get my butt to the beach right away, so I didn't stick around to document every beautiful detail.

You know, these kinds of trips are so important to re-fuel, get away from the daily to-do list and come home with a fresh perspective; new colors and textures swimming around in your brain. The staggering in-box can be tackled with a little less of a chip on the shoulder. O and I are learning to simplify and he is teaching me that I actually need to travel around and experience places that I long to experience.

I have catalogued some of the things that I saw and liked. Lets go over them shall we? Seeing these images is reminding me how soothing it is to have ocean views out of every window, and to be able to hear the waves crashing, rhythmically and constantly. The hotel common areas were truly beautiful, but I wasn't able to snap any pics, they have a no phone/camera policy that they enforce.

Just two of the color inspiration images I took. I have more for later in the week.

Later this month I will be visiting New York for design week, and then LA for Jane's bachelorette weekend. I was a little nervous about all that "being away from the studio" but I decided that I wouldn't want to change it now, so I might as well loosen the ol butt-cheeks and enjoy it! Enjoy the freedom, because it won't last forever.

Also I was nervous that via instagram my life would seem so lux, so glamorous, so...expensive. But, I decided not to worry about that either. I mean, obviously I am only posting the beautiful, and the things I personally want to look at again, and remember. I have an instagram account because I figure that you all want to see that too, and I want to look at other creative's sources of daily inspiration too. Sometimes it can seem like a mystery, the way an artist lives, and her perspective on what she looks at, and surrounds herself with. Well, nothing this day and age is a mystery, but you know what I mean. I hope you all enjoy taking a peak and keep your "real life" perspective fresh and near.

I have been helping my mom with some design decisions, and it has helped me realize how differently our brains process information, and how we make decisions in general. When I explain why something works, her eyes light up when she sees it too. It has made me better at expressing what is inspirational to me, why I choose certain colors or textures or lines. I think its good to pass that along to you guys too. Hence the color palettes.


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    I agree. I look to your blog for visual inspiration. (various blogs actually) I am artist too! I have to fill my eyeballs with tons of beauty and when I sit down to create, I remember bits and pieces from that visual bank. Does that make sense? Sometimes I got back through blogs to try to remember where I saw what. I never know what will make an impression on me until later. I will surely remember these images including the rooms they are so luxe and has my design aesthetic.

  2. I did follow your images on instagram and sincerely enjoyed it! without any hesitations.. it's amazing & thank you for sharing


  3. I turned 40 in March...just up the street in the Grand Beach. Hmmm, I was there for work....not the same experience. I'm still pouting.

    Your suite tempting me to return. Fabulous. Happy Birthday.

  4. That floor is amazing! So beautiful. It would drive me crazy if I had to live with it, but it's gorgeous for a hit.
    I, as a fellow artist, agree that it's good for us to have to break down some of our thought processes sometimes and explain them to others. I get asked to help choose paint colors quite often and explaining undertones and color temperature to someone makes my creative brain feel strong and confident.

  5. Thanks for sharing what inspires you though out your day or on your trips. It's fun to see how another artist sees the world. I also like how real you are when you talk about life.
    I love the place you stayed for your birthday. Great colors and design. Whoever decorated that hotel has a great eye...amazing!


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