Wednesday, May 8

More beach inspiration

Everyone loves beachy colors. Any painting that has turquoise in it is a hit. I personally like the light, dusty pink next to the olive color, and the various shades of blue/green together. Beachy, but a bit more sophisticated.
I really loved the moody colors, boho patterns and laid back luxury of the outdoor grill at Soho Beach House. I think you can get the same feel from this color palette. I really love a peachy coral, especially mixed with cream and black. Note about black: never a straight black, always a mix of colors that eventually turn dark, but not black.


  1. I've actually had dinner at that restaurant in your second picture. Beautiful place, glad you enjoyed it. :) Soho rocks!

  2. Do you make your color palette's by hand, or do you have an app you like to use?


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