Thursday, May 16

New York City

My traveling theme this spring is going strong, huh? I leave tomorrow for New York Design week. Looking forward to checking out ICFF, Surtex, and seeing friends, new work, cool new ideas and all the boring old shit too. I always use this time to check out some of my favorite museums and shops. Lots of walking and just being in the city makes me super happy.

Looking forward to introducing my friend Shari to the Neue Galerie and Cafe. Like heaven!

We happen to be staying at the same hotel as all of our girlfriends! The Jane.

Naturally I have to stop off at my other favorite place in NYC, Bemelmans.

Going to go visit my friend Alyssa's sister's macaroon shop in the village: Bisous Ciao

Naturally we have to spend a ridiculous amount of time at ABC...I used to go there almost every day when I worked in NYC, my office was right around the corner. I used to dream about being independent and come shopping there in the middle of the day...oh how times have changed!

May have to pop into the shoe department at Barneys...

I miss my Brooklyn too, going to hit up the Williamsburg Brooklyn Flea.

Been trying to hit up Eataly every time I go to New York, maybe I can see it this time.

Where is your favorite place to hit up in New York? Anything to suggest?


  1. I wish I was going; I feel like I'm missing out on everything important this week. sigh. I hope you're enjoying the week so far! By the way; I've been lurking for years and finally wanted to say hello! I've been rereading your older posts as I'm working on a change of medium, style, product...everything! I'd like to get into fine art painting in the future and your posts have been so helpful! I'm terrified of all the things I don't know, but am taking your advice about going for it anyway.

  2. Eataly is always fun, and if the weather is nice you should check out the rooftop bar! My favorite spot in the city though is Lillie's Victorian bar, in Union Square. You're probably already home from your trip though!


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