A few new paintings

There you Go. 36x48. I always find it so helpful to see a canvas from farther away. See how at the edges there is detail that you don't see in the cropped image? Just a tiny bit, but it makes a difference. Of course up close, in real life, this piece has so much texture that is hard to capture in this image, plus a lot of gold paint.

Josh, 48x48. I asked on instagram if anyone could tell me why I named it Josh. But no one got the answer. Its because (and I have been hinting about this) that I love The West Wing, especially Josh Lyman. Have a huge crush on him. Anyway, we always show a painting from both angles as well because when the light hits different parts (acrylic paint, vs oil pastel, vs chalk pastel, vs reflective paint, vs graphite) it bounces off differently so that gives you a lot more texture. We always spray fixative on our pastels, so they won't rub off on you btw.

Hot Chicken, 48x72. I love the proportions of this one. Aja, my kick-assistant (ha!) named it Hot Chicken because she had Chick Filet for lunch. I know, less sexy than an actual sexy chicken, which is what comes to my mind. But now of course, I want some chicken nuggets, which I try not to ever eat on account of chemicals...but delicious chemicals right?


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