Wednesday, June 11

New Paintings in the store right now!

Real quick, before I forget, I am sending out a newsletter tomorrow am with some discount codes because I have new paintings and prints for you to enjoy.

Runk Pock, 48x48 mixed media on canvas.

The Other Olivia is finally up in the shop. You will notice that the price for the watercolor style paintings is higher than acrylic paintings. The reason for this is because it takes a hella long time to make these paintings, and a lot of space too. Just in case you were wondering.

Flying Man. This one should be called "Evolution of how to cover up a giant blue Penis". Cuz thats what happend.

Got some new prints in the shop too!

Zap Zap, 13x19

Agatha, 13x13ish

Jasper, 13x19

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  1. I'm feeling Zap Zap. She's just glowing.


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