Sunday, June 22

They Don't Have Any Proof

New painting in the store today! 48x60 "They Just Don't Have Any Proof." 

I had so much fun painting this, my friend Erin says its a perfect synthesis of my abstraction style and geometric style. Y'all know how much I love geometric, linear and graphic shapes. Sometimes I try to be restrained and just make clean shapes but then I can't control myself and I have to scribble or I will scream! Its a metaphor for life peeps. I just am having a lot of fun having this painting in the studio. I will be sad when she sells.


  1. Pure joy! It makes me wonder what kind of music you paint to...or are you one of those silent types?

    1. Thank you! I was listening to Ratata. Also I was listening to episodes of Psych playing in the background. Thats where the title comes from: the theme song :)


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