Tuesday, July 15

July 17th, Rosemary Beach Florida New Modernist Show!

Featuring yours truly. My paintings will be hanging at the Hidden Lantern Gallery in beautiful Rosemary Beach starting this Thursday, the 17th, for a few months (until October). I will be there opening night, huge grin on my face, swanky dress on my arse, and high fives for everyone. Seriously though, I wish I could see all of your sweet faces there.

Who: Michelle Armas

What: Abstraction Solo Show featuring canvas and paper paintings

When: 5-7pm Thursday July 17th. (Show will be up until October)

Where: The Hidden Lantern Gallery // 84 N. Barrett Sq. // Rosemary Beach // Florida 32461

The imprints that Michelle Armas’ abstractions leave on the psyche are long-lasting. An interplay of adventurous line + form results in compositions that seem to have sprung from hidden places in the imagination. It is a mode of expression that integrates abstraction, movement + an exceptional range of color – and it is unabashed color that is infectious + exciting, almost to the point of being fantastic.
In many ways, this is an exhibition about paint itself – how it drips, pools, stains + runs to the edge, how the artist masters + employs it. Armas takes up the Modernists’ call of the mid-20th century that paint should declare the surface on which it is painted. Armas answers with intense visual sensations that offer a direct + evocative summoning of paint. The results are like visual symphonies of punctuated bursts, gorgeous swaths + plumes, intermittent with frenetic lines or scribbles.
Armas, whose star is on the swift ascent in the worlds of art + design (she now counts four galleries that represent her work nationally), works from intuition + instinct, producing an extraordinary output that is both vital + ever-changing. Known for her brilliantly-hued, sprawling canvases, some of the best examples featured here, this show also debuts Armas’ explorations in oil + oil pastel on paper.

It is in this new paper series that Armas’ treatment of color on the two-dimensional picture plane is brought to its most dramatic effect. Palpable + active, this definitive new collection deems Armas, above all, a wildly inventive  + exceptional colorist.

Maybe you don't care about art? Hm? Maybe you just wanna go to the beach?


  1. We will be in RB in Oct. SO glad your show will still be there. I'm on it!

  2. Oooh, I love your painting style!


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