Two weeks ago I went by myself on a beautiful trip to Seattle to visit with friends. It was going to be a much longer, different kind of trip, but plans change don't you know. I decided to keep my trip booked and shorten it so that I could see some people who I have been wanting to meet for some time now!

My friend Katie is an internet friend. Meaning we made friends by emailing and calling each other even though we had never met. I just love her. She is so sweet, has such goofy energy and is so freaking talented. I got such a good vibe off of her and I am not the only one, she just attracts talented, wonderful people to her like butterflies to a vine. I was so lucky to get to meet her in person, along with Jenny, Lydia, Dorothee, Jenn, Theresa, Brian (check out his talent here and vote for god's sake) and many more dear, sweet, funny, movers and shakers. Dorothee is a photographer and thank goodness that she was able to be there to capture so many moments so that I can remember the night so fondly. (I have an adorable photo of her, but since she prefers to stay behind the camera, she goes undocumented except for her exceptional eye).

We gathered at Theresa's adorable apartment affectionately called The Hacienda for its rad Spanish style architecture and Katie made the most beautiful arrangement of flowers and food. She is so chic, she can't help but make things beautiful just by being involved! I know, its getting sickly sappy, but I love her, what do you want from me? Check out Katie's beautiful (temporary) space on Apartment Therapy recently. I love her style, and I love that even though they are not in their forever space right now, she still makes a beautiful, homey spot for her family.

Anyway, I thought that you might like to see our sweet little party.

Jenn is such a looker isn't she? Plus she just radiates joy, she is a rare find. I really wish I could have spent more time (move to) in Seattle.

Theresa is endlessly chic. She just has great taste, and its effortless. I wish I could be like that!

Katie, Emily, Lydia, and Jenny. I love this picture! Hi sweet friends.

I am so hungry now for those delish potatoes Katie!

Can you tell how happy I am here? Having a freaking blast!

Thank you lovely ladies so much for making me feel so welcomed, for sharing your joys with me and for embracing me so lovingly! I miss you guys.


  1. These photographs are really great. Such beautiful women in them!

    - Christina


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