Tuesday, July 29

Random List

Virtual coffee date with me! This is whats on my mind. BTW, I would order an iced Matcha Latte with almond milk. Just saying. 
1. I loved this article from Kate at Wit and Delight about my generation (between x and millennial). I have been really thinking about "*having it all" lately and "doing what you love" and how these ideas are destroying me/us. Because we can't have it all, I mean thats just not possible. Even people who seem to me to have it all bitch about not really having it all. And anyone who knows anything knows that the more money you make, the more you need. The more time you get off, the more you want. The more friends you make, the more social you have to be to keep up. Also, its not possible for everyone to do what they love. It just isn't. Fuck.

I also loved reading this post about her anxiety. I like her even more now. I finally have to accept that I am an anxiety sufferer. Fuck. Oh! And speaking of cursing, a friend sent this to me and I was like all head nodding and giggling. I. Am. A Woman. Who. Curses. SHHHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!

Tangent alert. This totally reminds me of the word feminism. Its a dirty word I think to many people. But I reject that idea. I am a (card carrying) feminist and I think if we use and normalize the word, and associate it with normal every day women (instead of anyone who tries to use the word as a weapon against feminism) then it will loose its dirty edge. I simple, calmly and patiently reject the negative association it has, and I reject the ideas that have made it so. (interesting)

* Do people in Europe really not think about "having it all?"

2. Other things I loved was seeing Jenny Vorwaller's studio through Jenns eyes. I wanted so much to see her studio when I was in Seattle. It didn't work out logistically, but I love the energy in there from these photos. Jenny is like a deep, still ocean to me, and her work totally reflects that. Her instagram is full of beauty as well.

3. These pants are the tits. I like styles from the past, and I was about to hire someone to make pants like this for me. I bought both patterns, and the black ones I have in two sizes for a fitted look and a looser look. Didn't Audrey Hepburn say that she always bough something in every color when she liked something? Well if she didn't, she did now.

4. These shoes are inexpensive, very comfortable, a great walking wedge hight and cute too. I mean.....

5. I bought the best rug from esale rugs last week. (Its a Hamedan Persian style). It arrived in less than 24 hours and is clean, and exactly what I wanted. I think the only thing that could make that site better, is if they photographed their rugs outside in natural light. It would really help with getting an idea of the colors. I have a lot of experience with photographing things inside, and with colors too. So I had a very good idea of what I was getting.

Also you look great! How is your summer going?


  1. Take it from this older friend...you can't have it all ( without killing yourself ) but...you don't need it all to be happy. Honest!

    1. Thank you for your wise words Dianne. I agree with you, its not possible. And accepting with grace the world as it is, is for me at least, something that has come with age and I like it!

  2. Good luck and many blessings with your baby trials. I am the proud mom of 2 adopted children that are now young adults. I have been where you are walking. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for the good vibes Dianne. I always appreciate!

  3. Great blog here! I love your writing; it's fun and funny :) And Matcha, for the record, is amazing stuff!

    1. Thanks Jess! I loooove Matcha. Its delish, and good for you too.


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