Monday, April 20

Feelings and Memories holding hands with Paintings

Maybe you have noticed that I have updated my shop a little bit. I want to talk more about what inspires a painting, or what I was thinking about when I created it. I love love love when artists who I admire, or who's work moves me does this and I have so much to say so I started updating my listings to include more info. Not every painting has been updated, but some of them that are very special to me I just had to talk about. What do you think?

All On My Own:

"This painting is a time travel machine. It is a memory of a time I spent as a child flying kites with my family on a blustery spring morning in a beautiful open filed near our home in Texas. The sun was so bright that my minds eye pans blacked silhouettes, the flash of a smile and laughter carried away so quickly on the wind that only the hint of it lingers. My mom was wearing a soft and faded blue sweatshirt, off the shoulder like a good 80's fashionista, her hair was curly and floated around her shoulders. She smelled warm and we drank lemonade. I was so intensely in the moment that I was suspended in time, and I felt so grown up, and alone (in a beautiful way) to my small self."

I Couldn't be, but you Could: Of course it wouldn't be natural if I didn't write the way I think/talk. So sometimes what I write about a painting is so honest, it sounds freaking crazy. Your are welcome friend!!!

"Lines, streams and splashes leaping about, a magical colorful water fountain in a make believe city where everyone high fives each other and the mountains way up high are covered not in snow but with ice cream and the rivers flow with milkshakes and the boats are propelled with straws so you have to drink the milkshake to go faster and faster! The fish are very nice and they taste like chocolate chips and they are very social and like to jump out and have a chat, they also high fin and are all in a band that plays magical music that lulls you to sleep so you wake up without a sugar hangover."

The Straw that Broke the Camel's back (poor camel):

"This painting was inspired by the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico. I wandered and touched and watched as the sun cast shadows on the temples and buildings that are now simply compositions of stacking stones with the faintest whisper of carvings of men with large eyes, birds and lizards. I took many photos of edges, and rocks, and pillars and the shapes that have become what they are now because of the work of people long gone and the endless breath of the sea. Repetition, rounded forms, stacking shapes, the colors of the ocean with the sun low in the sky, the eye that remains and what it must have seen. I gave it the name "The straw that broke the camels back" because this painting is two painting, the one completed and hidden behind, and this new one here. I lifted my brush to the canvas and it came out of me, with the taste of Mexico still on my lips (mezcal baby). Several other paintings after this one have had similar shapes and colors, drawn from me by my memories or maybe my desire to leave behind the city and move to Tulum. So it is in fact, the straw."

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  1. I am so glad you are doing this. It makes the paintings that much more special.


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