Thursday, April 9

Mamma Love portraits by Mallory Myers

Beautiful portrait of Me and Alia by the amazing Mallory Myers.

Just in time for Mother's day guys. Check out this amazing, beautiful and perfect little portrait that I had commissioned from painter Mallory Myers! This has been my favorite photo of Alia and I for some time. When she was bad at holding her head up she used to just rest on me and coo as I walked her around the house. Her sweet smell, and her warmth and her little hands resting on me and her sweet gurgling sounds all come back to me in a flash when I look at this beauty of a painting. Just look at that pouty face, look at the joy in my eyes. Mallory perfectly captured this pure moment.

Wouldn't this be the most amazing mother's day gift? Listen up dudes, and friends of mother's, or hell for yourself on your big day. Can I just say I never buy into holidays but I am kind of excited to celebrate my first mother's day! I digress. Mallory started Mamma Love after she painted a portrait of a dear friend and her baby and gave it as a surprise gift to her. Her sweet friend had helped her out during a tough time and together they experienced that special beautiful bond that can form between women who turn to each other and support each other in mother hood and friendship. Women power. Hell yes.

10% of each sale goes to support Every Mother Counts. The mission of EMC is to provide safe childbirth for all women in the world, what a noble goal and something that I would gladly support.

Mallory is offering discounts on gift certificates, and they are goood deals. I personally love this idea of giving a gift certificate for a painting because then mom can choose a photo that really means something special to her, after all she will keep it for her whole life. I know I will keep mine forever.

Regular pricing:
500usd for a 5x7 or 6x6 painting on paper,
or an 8x10 for 650usd.

Mothers Day Specials:
325usd for a 5x7 or 6x6 painting on paper,
or an 8x10 for 475usd! Wow!!

Just Contact Mallory and order your gift certificate, dude, get one for yourself. She will send you a beautiful card to present as a gift on the day of. Brilliant.


  1. I think I remember seeing that picture of you before. probably on instagram or here. it really is beautiful and that painting is amazing! forwarding this to my husband. thanks

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