Sunday, April 19

Kandinsky + Egypt

Ok, so these two paintings were inspired by all of the visuals below, that is all:

See the paintings here, these two are soft pastel and ink on raw linen. I love drawing with soft pastels and on toothy linen it is a dream. These two are headed to The Hidden Lantern Gallery in Rosemary Beach.

Check out these stunning Egyptian artifacts. The shapes, texture, repetition of line, the subtle detail, the proportions! These images have been inspiring me so much.


So add into this visual mix selected works of Wassily Kandinsky who's work I saw at the Neue Galerie in New York last year. It was bonkers, especially this room:

I prefer his shape pieces. I love the movement and how you can just hear jazz when you look at them. right?

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  1. Hearing jazz when I look at Kandinsky is so real. Your pastel drawings woman, I LOVE them.


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