Friday, February 5

Looking at Lofts

I have been going over and over in my head all of the possibilities for a future space for my studio. Do we build out our attic? Do we build something in our backyard? Do I buy a loft space near my home? You know after I look at how much I spend in rent every adds up. I would rather put that money into a space that I can sell, and I am ready to really be able to mess up a place. Get paint anywhere it damn well wants to fall! Also the building I am in now is run by a bunch of greedy bastards who would care less if you fell off of the rusty, slippery stairs walking up six flights to your unit b/c the elevator is broken for the sixth time this month. Know what I mean? Yeah, you do.

I think I have finally settled on a loft space, and naturally I just want to look at beautiful listings that are way out of my range. Lets day dream together shall we? This one below is actually in my price range, and in my preferred area (its walking distance from my house! Has a pool! No elevator!)

I would paint everything white, except for the cement floor.

Damn. Imagine it all white!

I love the feel of this one.

This one is in a great location (next to an art store!) but I do have to drive like maybe 10 minutes to get there. Its two bedrooms! I would take down some walls, and again, paint it all white. It is a corner unit, and has two balconies! Its in my price range...but gone already.

OMG. Shit. The downstairs would be for shows and events. Upstairs I would paint and work:

This place is huge HUGE. and wayyyyyy out of my price range... sad.

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  1. Amazing spaces Michelle. Good luck finding your dream space!


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