Monday, April 30

Design for the other 90%

The Cooper Hewitt is having a exhibit I wanted to share with you guys. Design for the Other 90% is about how great design can improve not just an ordinary household item, but an item that will improve quality of life in a more profound way. I studied these kinds of projects in undergrad when I was studying International Affairs, and these kind of amazing designs inspired me to study graphic design. The Opera and branding is a far cry from this kind of truly meaningful design, but I am getting there. This is called the Life Straw, a mobile and personal water purification unit. The exhibit is on view May 4-Sept. 23 of this year.


  1. When I was studying Kabalah I learned that the other 90% or they actually called it the 99% it's what's actually real. It’s what you can’t see but feel and think. It’s the spiritual side. Interesting exhibition…

  2. Ive heard of this before...I contacted the company that makes lifestraw to see if I could get my hands on one but they were unable to(this was last summer) Id like to see how it works! This is a great post

  3. Happy Birthday!!! We will hang out soon right? I want to see you again!!!

  4. Terrific! We all need to be aware of what goes on elsewhere in this small place called "home"... public education is key, so thank you for this post. I had read about this lifestraw which I think is amazing... anything we can do to help is essential.

  5. Oh, and Happy Birthday! Honour this special day as a time to celebrate you... (:


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