Monday, June 4

Want some cheep stuff

Nice vintage pumps right, yah I thought you would like them. I am selling them, along with lots of other ripe goodies on ebay, swing on by and check it out. Starting bid, $9.99, 6 days left.


  1. I couldn't find Blueprints guide to ebay :( maybe I'll find an old mag. somewhere. But I think I might try this, I have so many old shoes/clothes I was just going to throw out or give away. Good luck with your shoes! They're cute, but not my size. I'll let you know if I ever get my own ebay sales up and running.

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2007

    very cute michelle :)

  3. Okay Armas, when is the etsy store going up???????? :)

  4. AHH, I know, I am working on some paintings for Shiny Squirrel and they have to be different from what I do for my etsy shop, so between working full time at the Met...and painting on all my spare time, it is slow in coming, but I assure you when it comes, you will be the FIRST to know, in fact, I will make a special edition Shade of Grey print.


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