Flowers from O

O had some flowers for me on my desk when I got back from Atlanta. He also cleaned the house all nice and fresh, he tried to polish our wood floors, but he ran out of our usual stuff, so he decided to try some pledge. It worked great! We have brilliant, shinny, clean floors, unfortunately it is very slippery. Kinda like living on a giant air hockey game. So learn from this and don't ever clean your floors with pledge. Really I am just procrastinating, and I should go and do some packing.


  1. it's a few days since you wrote this post, but i bet those stargazer lilies are still heady!

    your story reminds me of the time i was a child and we were having relatives over for easter. i thought i would be helpful by pledging the steps down into the living room. it was a near disaster, but wasn't as bad as the soft boiled eggs i made that i thought were hard boiled...

    anyway, thanks for the memories - and those flowers are gorgeous! :D

  2. I'm so happy that I found your lovely blog. And thanks for visiting mine. I can almost smell the gorgeous Stargazer Lily fragrance from here. Just beautiful!

  3. I like that last picture, & I am not even a lily person, most of the time anyways.


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