Wanna go shopping?

Looking around for some good bargains in this time of sales on every corner and I though I would share what I found.

Napkins from Dwell via Bluefly
Shoulder bag from LunaBoston
Slouch bag from UrbanKitty
Can you tell I am in the market for a bag, my current shoulder bag is so embarrassing, can I just tell you it looks like a 5 year old made it for his mom...I got it at a sample sale, I had Sample-Sale-Blindness, a pretty bad case from the looks of this bag.
Kenneth Lane necklace via Bluefly
Bluefly is having a killer sale by the way.
Tonk Jacket by FCUK
Boots: SOOOO out of my price range, not even going to tell you how much they are...sigh.


  1. Nice finds! Makes me excited it's about to fall. I love brown leather handbags too, century21 has some good ones if you can handle the crowds.

  2. I just love those handbags...I've been loving brown leather lately. I don't know if it's a phase, but for a while all I wanted was white bags, then black bags, now brown. Great post by the way :)


  3. I hate to be repetitive but those handbags you scouted out are lovely! And apparently something worth talking about. :)

    Thanks for popping by my blog so I could find you. Am excited to go check out your Etsy goods.

  4. you won't need the boots in Atlanta anyway...not necessarily true, but just tell yourself that!

    I also love the pictures for your niece. Caroline will need a new room design when we move, and since she'll be 2. Your paintings have me thinking...

  5. The etsy shop looks great.
    The jacket is adorable.
    Your blog is lovely.

    Part of the fun in discovering Armas Design was knowing that we live in fairly close proximity to each other (I'm in Manhattan). But I see you're MOVING!! Thankfully, travel is a breeze in blogland.

  6. Glamour, I know! Brown leather is so on my brain lately, I think I gotta take the plunge here soon and get a bag.

    Michelle, when are you guys moving? You will need boots like that in Denver though! I can't wait to see what you do with her new room, I bet it will be so cute.

    Dianamuse, I know, I have met some great people through this blog, I am sure our paths would have crossed, I wish I were staying around for a while.

  7. i'll take the slouch bag. ;)

  8. That necklace and handbags....mmm :)


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