Friday, August 10

Ideas for the next phase

Its a busy time around here, what with packing the house up and trying not to slide across the floor right down the stairs. But I keep dreaming about our new place, and I know that we want a clean, sophisticated look with original details thrown in. We have never owned a real piece of furniture (except for my desk!) so we get to start living like grown-ups. Here are some ideas from my mood board for the new place, if you know of any online galleries that would also have some inspiring images, please share!

Living room: We want a comfy (him) but structured (me) couch in grey or navy probably. I want some great lamps for versatile lighting and enough seating for my whole family to come and sit down. PLUS, a place to deposit stuff when I come home, very important cuz we take our shoes off asap and I don't put things that have been on the ground on top of any upholstered furniture. So maybe a console?

Bedroom: We need a platform or no spring bed cuz O moves around so much that he wakes me up 10 times in one night, we have been sleeping on our futon for weeks just because it doesn't bounce. So...Malm in oak veneer or the four poster Hemnes (another idea that O has nixed) bed from Ikea, or the wood frame bed from West Elm.

The Dining Room: will have to be kinda simple, I have a great solid oak table that I built from a kit when I was younger, and the table top is great extra counter space, (perfect for making pies and pastas) but I love this idea from Living etc... to paint the legs, and these Eames chairs are the exact ones I feast your eyes on my dream dining room.

As far as my office goes, it is free for me to decide. I think I will paint it bright white and have my desk in the middle of the room. I want lots of storage that I can move to the three different work areas (drawing, painting and computer). So three hopen storage units lined up together on one wall, my dad's drafting table (the first thing he bought when he came to the US, and it is beautiful) and some office chairs I can live with...

Wanna see some very hastily taken shots of the new place?


  1. Ooooo, I love all your ideas. It's so fun to be at that point. I know exactly what you're talking about with not owning any real furniture. I'd rather live out of boxes then rush to buy furniture I'd hate later, so that's what we're doing :) Keep us posted on your progress!


  2. I love all your choices! That gray bedroom, and also the first picture of the gray living room are my favorites. I tried to paint my bedroom off of those but it didn't turn out at all like them!

    The pics of your new place on flickr look great. It looks spacious and bright. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Great choices. I like your taste.

  4. wonderful inspiration! i love the wicker love seat in the first photo.
    we just bought the malm bed; beech veneer. i wanted oak, but i compromised for the sake of future decorating decisions. love the bed, LOVE our mattress (ikea sultan furudal). doesn't budge an inch in the night.
    what're your couch ideas? we're looking...

  5. just want to tell you that i've got those hopen chests and they are pretty substantial -- i think you'll like them!

    can't wait to see you final selections for the new place.

  6. Gigi, thanks for the info! I saw them in a domino mag editorial about a very chic small space and I thought they looked way cool.

  7. can i come live at your house?

    love these images. peaceful, graceful spaces. you might also like and the jeu de paume book series on interiors. looking forward to seeing the results.

  8. Sosser, thanks for that great tip!

  9. AnonymousJune 19, 2008

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