Well, after a disappointing shopping day I decided to hit my favorite Park Slope spots because I know I always find wonderful things at Nest and Bird and my fave, Rare Device. Now called Rare Device Sodafine, I was psyched to check it out and it looks great! I took some pictures, thanks Laura for letting me intrude.

I love the jewelry they have, so unique and boy am I going to miss that place. I learned that Laura Su has her own line called Prismera, and I love it. These pieces are from the lace collection, and they are made by allowing the metal to make it's own unique shape, I love the random, organic look, so unique. So the day wasn't a total wash. Plus I got the asteroid vase.


  1. Hi Michelle, I'll keep an eye out on the Anthro dress as well =)
    I've been a distant admirer of Rare Device (and Rena Tom) - I haven't had a chance to visit but I did buy a great wallet for my boyfriend from the site. Long story... but I'm currently deciding whether or not I'm ready to open up a shop and RD has always been an inspiration! Oh and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love shops like that, so many bits and pieces to catch your eye, and I love the vase you bought, that is fantastic!

  3. Just checked out your shop, LOVE your work!! Hope you are having a fab Summer :)

  4. omg the photos are beautiful! wow, i can't wait until i can upgrade. you make wonderful paintings, i esp. love geometric 1. really really really. will that be a print ever? i also can't wait until you launch! eeks!

  5. note to self: MUST get to bklyn, MUST get to bklyn....
    thanks for the great shop tour!

  6. wow, that shop looks incredible. I'd definitely loose control in there with all those fine looking clothes and pretty stationary!

    thanks for all the kind words on my move. it's been a long and fun one. but now I'm finally settled and getting to know my way around. I'm off to the Oregon Coast today for some RELAXATION!

  7. i love the nacklace and the vase. your work is beautiful, too. everyday, i find talented people. so inspiring!

  8. I`d love to shop there too!!

    Thanks for your nice words, Finnish summer really is lovely, partly because it`s so short, I think. If you ever visit Finland summer is the best time: everything is nicer when it isn`t sleeting, and people (usually reserved) are more open and even occasionally smile at strangers. :)

  9. I'm so excited to see that Rare Device and Sodafine merged. Erin at Sodafine was one of the first shop owners to carry my jewelry (I'll always love her for that) and I jsut love the selection at Rare Device. What a beautiful wedding of shops!


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