Tuesday, October 28

Courthouse wedding...

I still dream about a court house wedding. How pretty are these 50's style vintage frocks. Once I end up getting one of them, I will reveal my sources....I was born in the wrong era. Oh my that blue one with the beaded neck is purdyyy.

Update, I bought this gold one, so I can have it fitted to me. CUTE.


  1. I would agree that you were born in the wrong era, but I don't know if I would have placed you in the 50s!

    Love to see a picture of you in this when you get it fitted!

    On a side note: coming through ATL at Christmas, maybe take the kids to Berry on the way to tennessee. Maybe we can meet for a snack and say hi.

  2. I love these frocks! If only to dress like that!
    I'm curious about your blog, the title caught my eye in the favourites of another blogger. Where does the title stem from? I'm a native Finnish woman and I obviously recognize the word, which has meaning in Finnish and in Estonian. Would you like to elaborate on this? It's a charming word!

  3. Kirsti, Armas is my last name, in Spanish, it means weapons or guns, it comes from a group of people who tried to liberate The Canary Islands from Spanish control a long time ago, they were given waring names, and that is where my grandfather is from, so there you go...what does it mean in Finnish?

  4. Oh, this is delicious! I'm sure you don't mind the Spanish meaning of your surname, since it has bearing with your ancestors. However, I assume it will be delightful news to you to learn the meaning of the word 'armas' in Finnish and in Estonian. It would probably be nice news to anyone, even if the meaning would not be as far as it is in this case from the Spanish meaning. It's a charming word, as I said and translates into 'dear', or 'loved one 'in both languages (Finnish and Estonian are related) with the distinction, though that in Finnish you would use the word 'rakas' in everyday language, while the word armas is reserved for poetic use with the same meaning. In Estonian, though, it is the normal, everyday word you would use for 'loved one'. I checked with someone who actually knows Estonian; all Finnish-speakers recognize some words in in Estonian, but cannot be definite with the meaning. But, these are for fact! I am a trained translator by profession, so I account for what I say.


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