Monday, October 13

Weddings I heart

As my wedding day gets closer and closer...I am looking at other weddings and wishing I could change some details, but that always is the case isnt it! I LOVE this beautiful vintagy wedding from Snippet and Ink.

Also, how perfect is the bouquet (and the whole look here) for this classic, chic French wedding I saw via Frolic?? I wasn't going to have flowers, but now I think this little bunch looks so pretty and effortless...I may have to steal her idea, with a fall flower naturally.


  1. Oh my God that one bride's blue shoes are da BOMB!

  2. I loved that top wedding too. And if I ever get married, I'd love to pull something off like that French wedding. I am totally obsessed with it. Funny thing is, even though I am a florist, my dream bouquet is something like her little clutch of poppies or a random stem of lilac. I like it when people leave the flowers to be themselves:)


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