Wednesday, October 1

Vintage airplane

So for O's birthday a few weeks ago, I surprised him with a vintage bi-plane ride over Georgia. Our plane was built in 1945 and used to train pilots going to Europe. It feels like riding in a convertible in the sky, super cool! It was a cloudy day, so our pics didn't really turn out so great, O looks like he is rocking a moustache here.


  1. So cool! What a fun thing to do. I think I would have passed out though. Flying scares me, but I wish it didn't.

  2. My broher-in-law, an airplane enthusiast, also got a plane ride for his birthday last year. It was a modern plane though - I think he'd be super happy if he got to ride in a plane like this! So cool.

  3. i AM SO looks amazing and that is such a wonderful gift. He must have been thrilled.

    how are you feeling?

  4. IS O rocking a mustache?

    So who was the pilot???

    Oh and I can't wait to see u 2 exchange your vows.

  5. A, the pilot is in the back, see him? So you think we will giggle huh, I think we will either laugh or we will cry, but it will be something either way for sure.

  6. what an awesome idea!!

  7. That looks like so much fun--great idea!

    My grandfather used to fly me around Chattanooga in his little yellow bi-plane. It was terrifying--he kept it in a warehouse and did the maintenance on it himself.


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