Thursday, October 23


Ahh, ok, I admit, I have been in wedding land, first, trying to get all the loose ends tied down, a small wedding, for 40 guests, with no wedding planner, is still a lot of details to deal with. I am having major indecision with the flowers. For our "alter" I have chosen to hang cream colored linen, a soft linen and some garlands. So, my first choice was this pine, b/c it is pretty, has a slight scent of pine and is super cheap ($1 per foot!).

Now I am wondering if I should choose something less Christmas-y. Hmmm, like this one? It is Salal, and more than twice as much, but pretty no?

The other question is, bouquet? Ahh, I am having a hard time deciding. I love this image by Saipua.

And this deep plum from Martha Stewart is lovely. Or do I get some lovely white bulk flowers,maybe some anemones with the black center, cabbage roses??? Oh pooh, I don't know.


  1. I actually really love the pine. It's different (you don't see it as often as the salal( and I like it's drape (as long as the garland is made right). Also I think white anemones with black centers are so fantastic. But it all depends on the venue and what looks good there!

  2. Go with the pine, so pretty! Also, LOVE the purple setting and bouquet, very dramatic!


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