Monday, June 8

Round One: Bedroom

Ok, so this weekend we finally moved most things out of the holding area, now comes the fun stuff...rugs, paint colors, and cabinet staining. So what I am going to do is this, each room will be done little by little, but a mood board, or general design concept will be established for each room, so I can snap things up if I see them at a great steal or something. The living room as it is now is fine, the bedroom, however, is driving me crazy, and since it is right off of the Kitchen, both of these rooms are first.

Bedroom, BLUE!!! Our bedroom is large, and gets plenty of sun. (The house is West facing, so we only get direct sun in the front of the house at the end of the day, result: sunny but cool.)

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But do I want a light blue, or a deep blue? My heart says DEEP, my brain says light...
These two images below, are really what I had in mind, but can I commit to that?

This is a great blue with all white sheets and such...sooo crisp and happy. So what do you say??? Any experience with dark blue walls?


  1. go DEEP!!!!!!! if it's a sunny room you can totally pull it cozy and lovely for a bedroom.

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2009

    hm...personally I'd go light, dark colours can be slightly dominating and oppressive whereas light colours are tranquil and induce relaxation. Having said that I really like the dark blues you chose in these images..

    I always tell my clients that nothing is permanent, rooms can be repainted as often as inclination, and budget allows, so if you want to try out the dark, go for it!

    Sarah xo

  3. I think you should go with your heart. I personally love the second up from the bottom. Oddly enough, it feels warm.

  4. I agree with Miz.November, I love the color on the walls in the second from the bottom. I think it brings the deep and light together because it's a darker color but it feels so bright.

  5. You can always repaint. Why not ask your husband which color to paint or pick heads or tails, and if he picks the light and you're really disappointed, you have your answer ;)

    I've had deep cobalt blue (cozy and loved it), peacock blue on one wall, and light lavender (light and crisp). If you go for the dark, maybe you could lighten up other parts of the house to even it out. Dark, seductive and luxurious could be nice for sleeping.

  6. I'm plotting a navy blue room with lots of white linens and wood - you should try it!

  7. I say go deep as well! I also love the second one from the bottom--it seems beautiful and not overpowering. I do like the bottom one, but I think it needs one other small accent color besides the white (maybe a red or fuschia????)

  8. I can't imagine picking a favorite -- they are all so luscious. The blue walls with the pink/purple bedding is divine!

  9. I'd go light. But that is just me. If your heart says deep, go deep!

  10. The first thing that strikes you as you enter the room is the pillows. After searching a lot on internet, i found a website regarding latex pillows.

  11. But how could the pillows really stand out so much as the beds? I imagine them to have latex mattresses on them.

  12. Very nice pictures. I am impressed with the style and design. Very nice!


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