Monday, March 22

Overstock Rug Sighting

I put the floral lampshade on the sidewalk and it was gone in an hour, so someone on my street has the "hives" lampshade. Moving on.

Does this rug look familiar? Found via my favorite Canadian lady, Sarah.

Nice huh? I wish it were slightly lighter. The great lamp debate is also at a close, I chose white shades, boring, I know, but I like the crispness. Will show you a photo later.

Peace out


  1. that sofa/loveseat is the bomb!

  2. Wowwee! I just love your loveseat -- gorgeous. And the gray rug is fab.

  3. You do realize this is not my house right? Sooo funny.

  4. That rug is priiiitty cool. Layering rugs is a great idea.. NICE HOUSE, MICHELLE!


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