This post was going to be about what a bad-ass I am b/c I successfully bribed someone for 100...instead it is about what a shitty day I had.

Cuz I couldn't bribe the honorable emissions man, with red rimmed eyes and an itchy You know when you see that woman, who is frazzled, with that crazed look in her eye, holding a coffee, maybe behind the wheel of an old mini van with expired tags, laughing maniacally? That would be me, so just saying, give her some space, cuz she is about to loose her shit.

( I could also sit in that blue chair with a scotch and pet my fake sheep, lucky sheep)

(wish I were in that bath right now, via City Sage)

Wow, but the table I went to pick up today from the Craig was beat up, so I only paid $30, my one redeeming event today (the cop (who gave me at ticket) didn't tow me, he was supposed to, but I think I might have been twitching, and he was like, let it go dude, let it go). I want to get in the bath, but instead I have to figure out how to fix my car.

Nienie inspires me, her bad days can be bad, yet she is graceful and strong. I want to be more like her.


  1. I am sorry you had a bad day. Hugs to you and I hope tomorrow is better. :)

  2. Oh, girl, I'm sorry to hear your day was so shitty. Funny, whenever I use the word "shitty" to describe my day, it usually involves something car-related...
    Thanks for the link to Nienie's blog - it's amazing.

  3. Maybe you can have the scotch and take a bath anyway...

  4. I realize this was a post from a few days ago, but still... So sorry you had a bad day -- I've had a string of those. Sipping wine right now and already feel better. I had a fender-bender on 2/27. My Honda looks like someone took a mallet to it.

    Funny post!

  5. Susie, oh no, sorry about your car, I hate mallet wielding bad days, wish you could send some of that wine my way, I may just go bust out the scotch, I think I have had that bottle since before puberty.


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