Wednesday, March 10

Hello there sexy

I saw this photo recently (sorry, forgot the source, probably another blog,) and it snapped in my brain as the inspiration for our second bathroom, yes the one I just painted. This paper is to the trade only, bummer, but I could get a similar look with a stencil, found here. I looked around for something similar, but I didn't turn anything up. I like the idea of print the stencil onto grass cloth, what do you think?

That mirror is pretty bad-ass as well. I like this one, and this one, from Ballard.

This one is a slight departure, but purty. This one is also for Ballard, nice huh?

Now for that beautiful gray and white seat cushion. It looks slight ikat-ish, if you look real close. I will use something similar for ceiling to floor shower curtains. I like this one, but I will go in person (next week, weeee) and find a stripe.

Now for a rug, when I saw this one, I was greeeeen with envy! I need it! I even called my local Pottery Barn outlet, but they didn't have it, sad. That said, I think and red and white rug will work great in the bathroom. How about this one? This one is new to Dash and Albert, oooh, purdy. This one too.

The vanity could use an update as well, I love this one. Pretty affordable too. Lets not forget the sconces, these are my favorite, and I can't wait to use them in the bathroom, and maybe on some bookshelves? This is it, done, I am starting on this right away, I will outline everything, with costs when I finish. Shame I spent that time painting it...oh well.


  1. Yes! Love that top pattern/wallpaper. We are considering a move and I'm vowing to take more risks with my next house. Life is too short not to, you know?

  2. Oh, wow. This is gonna be one awesome bathroom. I love the idea of a stencil. Why do they have to do that "to the trade only" crap anyway? Have you considered making a stencil yourself?

  3. obsessing over that striped pottery barn rug...iwantiwantiwant. go for the stencil on grass cloth--think the texture will be cool with that type of pattern treatment. keep us posted...


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