In the Tweeds

I couldn't sleep last night, so I made myself a potato and watched some Jeeves and Wooster. Hm, still not sleepy, so I decided to blog it up, and I found Leila's blog In the Weeds, about remodeling her home. Oh joy! I love watching her house evolve. One of the items on my bucket list is remodel a home from the ground up.

her new kitchen bar stools, love her counter tops.

From this...

to this! Look at that moulding...sigh

Love the transoms above the door, and the huge window right in the kitchen. Oh, I can't wait to see how she designs the place, after all the remodeling is done.


  1. Uh oh. This could be dangerous. Thanks for feeding my obsession. ;0)

  2. Omigosh thanks so much for the shout out! It's been a fun process but I am ready to have everything painted and the dust swept up! more living in squalor! Can't wait to see your own renovations when they begin!

  3. I love that. I hope we can see the finished product!!!


  4. good god thats SO much better...cant wait to see it finished

  5. what a great space. i'm going to have to follow this kitchen design now, to see how it all turns out!!


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