Rue Magazine

Three more weeks until we get to see the brilliant Anne's new endeavor. I like this trend of digital magazines, I might like them more if I had an iPad.

Happy Friday dorks.


  1. saw your comment on my blog today... so i hopped over here for a bit.

    1. love your blog
    2. love your artwork
    3. think you're hilarious!

    i'll be back!

  2. I am with you on the Ipad. Love the online magazines, but wish I could snuggle with them a little better.

    Happy weekend.


  3. This is a new one to me, I'll definitely check it out. Like Rene said, I'm a little old school, I love my magazines in hand.

  4. Very exciting!
    Love that jacket in the photo collage...


  5. oh, another reason to add to my "why i need an ipad list!" :)

  6. LOVE that interior! so perfect. I want and iPad too! It's not going to happen


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