Wednesday, August 18

New at Flor

I love Flor tiles, we have a small rug in our laundry room, and it is easy to clean, thick and comfy, and dark, so doggy hairs and mud don't show too much. Also, at some point, O and I hope to share what is now my office (and hardly large enough for me, so lets see how that goes,) and we will carpet it with Flor tiles when we do.

Mostly b/c it is warmer in the winter, and the floors in there are 100 years old, and need some repairs, and that will not happen before this winter, if this coming year is anything like last year....burrrrr, Ok, a layer of felt insulation under the carpet, then the carpet, that should be toasty.
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  1. I am a FLOR addict. I might add children to your list, because these carpet tiles are impervious to all of their foibles. We have part of our basement carpeted in FLOR and it is magical, seriously.


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