Wednesday, August 25

Home is where heart is

These kinds of places are the most enchanting to me, in Europe, cozy, beautiful, and old. I know there are lots of perfectly wonderful places to visit in the US, maybe it is because my whole family is not from here, and I am just the very first...but it just isn't the same. 

I live in Atlanta, but Spain is where I feel at home. Do you feel like you are home?
Photos via Sartorialist.


  1. A really interesting question. I am not even the first, as my children are the first in our household to have been born here, but at the same time, I have lived in the U.S. from a very young age. So the "mother country" is not really home and yet, I have all of these connections-language, food, culture and customs-to a place I only know of through parents and grandparents. Strange. I've always felt as though I have a foot in each world. But ultimately, where ever my husband and boys are, that is "home."

    By the way, I too love Spain. We spent a glorious two weeks of our honeymoon there and it is an amazing country.

  2. I agree. Europe is just too perfect. I've never been to Spain. That top photo has me drooling.

  3. I feel most at home where there is water. Any kind.


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