Friday, February 25

Some E Cards

Its Friday! and the birds are chirping, the wind is nice and brisque and all my shit is done for today; I'm in the mood to laugh. My friend Jane sent these to me today, and I had a good time going through them.

I can imagine that if I were still single, and had some cute guys in my life I wanted to vette for possible dateinghood, I would send them one of these to see how he reacted. Just saying....O would laugh, respond with something very witty and then comment to his friends that he thought that was some pretty hot shit, and liked this whacky girl a lot. Awwwww.


  1. #1 succinctly describes my relationship with the out-of-doors.

  2. I've sent the tops one to a friend who very much shares this vibe with me.

    P.S my little painting arrived a little while ago and I just LOVE it, it took a while to find its home, but after a quick visit to the wall above my bedside table, down onto my bed side table, lounge room, book case in study/spare room, he made his way onto the dresser at the end of by bed, both he and i are happy to see each other when I wake up every morning and go to bed each night, although he looks a lot fresher them me after a 5 am wake-up call!

    I’ve just put a pic here, , thanks again, I love it!


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