Tuesday, February 8

I read a lot of blogs, but one of my favorites, is Lena Corwin. I get excited when she makes a new post (I am a total wanna-be yes) and now I am reading her new blog Wee Textile and gorging myself on photos of her adorable Eli and his very cool textiles.

 I have (and love) the red pillow she is making here, I am looking forward to her shop opening up again ((maternity leave!)) so I can get some more!

 She has effortless style, very elegant but most certainly artistic, she is an artist in everything she does, she inspires me all the time! Maybe this is a good time for a Lionel Ritchie song?

Just a few of my fave images recently.

Eli's adorable bedding. Isn't winter time the best time to bring home a sweet new baby? It looks like so much fun. Thanks Lena for being so inspirational and so freaking cool! Ok, imagine I just sang that with a Lionel Ritchie voice! Ok, now laugh.


  1. Hear, hear on the Lena Corwin love. 'Effortless' is the perfect way to describe her aesthetic. Every single Wee Textiles post makes my uterus ache for a [future] baby (tmi?)!

  2. You are hilarious and terrible sweet. What a lovely tribute. And that baby, irresistible!

  3. i totally agree LC is super dreamy!

  4. Aw! It's a pocket full of baby!

  5. what a sweet babe. can't wait to check it out. she is brilliant.

  6. oh yummy!
    i brought a wee one home on halloween. snuggling babes in warm fabrics is fun. colds + flu, not so fun!


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