España part dos

The gardens of the Alcazar were stunning! Here are a few images I took while we strolled around, in a drug haze (from the Spanish over the counter meds, which are steeerong). The inside was pretty hot as well, but I want to group all of the artistic inspiration images together for the next post.)

Makes me feel like I am in a Spanish Robin hood movie, and some archers are up there.

Outside walls of the Alcazar. Isn't that a cool word?

I love the round elements in the garden, must copy for my own garden!

Great inspiration for texture.

This could be a painting!

The gardens are just so beautifully composed. The sun was very dramatic that day.

World's classiest coy pond!


  1. I love that the garden is really unkempt and sort of left to grow a bit wild. And, I'm not sure why, but lichen-covered rocks are some of my favorite the texture, too.

  2. Wow these are beautiful! I think you're right about the water/fish picture. I can really see that as one of your paintings!

  3. Beautiful pictures. It's nice to see my own country through the eyes of a non-Spanish. Very interesting :)


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