OKL event today

Hey guys. So if you got my newsletter you might have read me write that there would be OKL event on the 4th. That never happend, don't know why. But my suspicion is that King had a few too many on Thursday night and woke up with a major hang over on Friday. Do Not! drink ten suzani floor pillows on an empty stomach is the lesson here.

You can get many of my prints on fine art paper, framed.

Anyhoo, if you are reading this, then you are missing out on a great sale happening over at...wait for it...One Kings Lane! Why are you still reading? Damn it people, get a move on already.

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  1. will have to settle for one of your calendars that I just ordered...can't wait for its arrival

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    nice one!

  3. I'm so confused by One King's Lane, it's supposed to be a flash sale site, right? The items that I'm noticing there lately actually seem to have a price increase, though when I do some searching. They are listing your Laura print, the 36x27 size for $299 with a retail price of $625 but your site has the 36x48" size, which is actually larger, for $300. I'm not trying to put them down, I just really would rather pay directly to the artist or supplier, etc, vs. One Kings Lane, especially if the prices are higher (vs. the same.)

  4. The One King's Lane print has a frame. Sorry, that makes so much more sense. Congrats on One King's Lane!

  5. Hi! I purchased one of your prints on canvas from the OKL sale. I was so excited to get it! It says framed, is that referring to the wood the canvas is mounted to? Also, I was a bit disappointed when there wasn't any paperwork out anything about the picture. I am assuming I bought a print on canvas.

    1. Amy, the prints are framed under plexi glass, they are not on canvas. It says so in the description. In any case, I hope you love it!

  6. Its not framed. Its a canvas stretched and stapled to wood. No glass. I love the picture, just confused as to what I purchased.

  7. I have emailed OKL as well. I can send you pics if you like.


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