Thursday, June 14

Redmond Aldrich

Chloe Warner emailed me yesterday to show me the Anthology painting she bought for a client in it's new home. Isn't this room ball'n? I remember loving her home so much when I saw it in Domino. I was a very poor student at the time, and I had a futon...but reading Domino, and seeing beautiful homes like Chloe's made my heart flutter a little faster, and that is what eventually lead me to painting. So I did a peepee dance when she emailed me and told me she had loved my work for a while.

Lets look at some of her other interiors shall we? One of my favorite Domino shoots ever was her SF home below. There was a video that I watched a ton when it was on the Domino site....and here it is!

Other projects that I love:


  1. I remember that spread well...and the days of being a "poor student" as well. Congratulations!

  2. eek! thank you so much, your paintings are the prettiest.


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