Wanna work for me?

UPDATE: Thank you to all 80 something of you who applied. The position has been filled, and I can't wait to introduce you to our newest gal, she is so bad-ass ya'll!

Friends, my little studio is growing and I need more hands on deck. I found the amazing Kristi, and Buff through this blog, so I am reaching out to you again. Please take a look at this post and pass it along to a friend if it isn't right for you.

Listen up folks, this job is rad to the max. You get to style photo shoots, and order supplies! Also you get to cut stuff out for me (oooohhhh) and create fun content for blogging and such. You also will be in charge of all shipping and customer service, which is pretty simple actually, especially because I personally take care of the bat-shit-crazy people. Sending files to the printer! Making new prints in house! Planning events, conception of new ideas for growth and PR. Oh my!

Here is the best part: you get to learn, first hand about making it on your own as an artist. I am here to teach you and guide you in your own path, so utilize this opportunity and take the plunge. I need a person who will stay with me long term, who will grow their position, become indispensable and get paid much more! Starting pay is decent, and I can divulge the juicy details when I get your mind-blowing response email.


1. Detail oriented. Extremely Organized.
2. Adaptable/Self Reliant person who is a flexible and fast learner.
3. Photoshop/Illustrator knowledge. Basic photography/styling skills. Internet research skills, with experience in blogging, or other social media.
4. At least 20 hours a week is required but please be willing to be flexible.

Tasks include:
1. Processing shipping labels and managing all shipping domestic and international.
2. Maintaining prints both in house and through our vendors.
3. Managing customer service via email, both individual clients and vendors.
4. Maintaining, and ordering supplies, keeping the studio running smoothly doing whatever task might be necessary.
5. PR skills may include managing events, researching new opportunities, organizing events for the studio and growing visibility through social media.
6. Tasks may evolve, and include physically packing up orders, running errands and some graphic design.
7. Styling photo shoots, art directing online material.

I need someone who can handle change at short notice and go with the flow. You must be proactive and extremely organized (if anyone has described you as anal, we want you!) I need a person I can depend on to go above and beyond for our clients and for the us. Potential for growth in salary and hours.

Position is in Decatur, Ga. Send resumes to armas.design@gmail.com with “assistant” in the subject line.

If you think you may be the right person for half of these requirements, shoot me an email anyway, it never hurts to try.  


  1. Hey I just wanted to stopy by and say you are such an inspiration and whoo woo that you are expanding! I am about to take the big step of giving up my day job and going full time as an artist and it's so great to read about someone who is out there doing it Claire xx

    1. Yay Claire! Way to go, I wish you the very best of luck with your exciting new life! Find a group of people doing the same, it is a wonderful support network :)

  2. If only I lived in GA *sigh*. Good luck with they search. I already envy the lucky person you choose! :)

  3. Oh man! Wish I lived in GA. This is my dream job! Good luck. Jo xx

  4. I suspect I am a high-functioning autistic...prefer that label to "anal." If I only I lived in GA. Good luck

    1. HA! Sometimes I read the symptoms for ausbergers (goodness knows how that is spelled!) and I think to myself...hm...this is troubling.

  5. oh I would be your person - if you weren´t so far away! That would be the job profile I am looking now...after too many years in tourism a change is much meeded. Actually tomorrow I´ll leave my current day-job (have been there 10 yrs)...to see what will happen. I am one crazy person doing this living in Spain!!! Good luck with this!!

    1. Congrats Barbara! You are so brave, I am looking forward to following your blog to see how it goes!

  6. Most awesome photo ever! ... and this is definitely my dream job!

  7. Oh, the idea of traipsing around barefoot in paint. Too bad I'm neither in Georgia or a professional artist of any kind.

  8. Hello! I am in GA, yay! Actually saw this on craigslist and applied. Then hopped over here to check out the blog, etc. Excited to speak with you on Monday (it asked me to set up a phone interview over there).

  9. Its relay amazing and wonderful opportunity for the professional artists......

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  10. This sounds amazing, fun and an awesome learning experience!
    My friend Eva McGill-Oliver passed this post along.
    I am on my way to email you all my info.

  11. I just have to say I LOVE the image accompanying this post.


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