Friday, March 8


1. I went to JCrew yesterday. I tried on some shoes. Do you like the shoes there? Are they well made? These seemed like my foot was basically on the ground the sole was so thin. I bought a book that they had on display. Don't do that, just google the book you want and buy it cheeper online. I was blinded by passion for that effing book. I am stupid.

It was like I had to have it next to me. I could have saved myself some cash if I had waited.

3. O is in China. I miss him. On the upside our house is spotless with no clutter and I have flowers all over the place. I don't know why I only do this when he leaves, but it makes me feel better about him not being there. I just pretend to be single for a week. I have a social event planned for every day.

4. Anyone know an illustrator who does this kind of awesome Mexican skeleton business? I love it. By the way, Espolón Reposado is pretty kick'n.

5. Oh yeah. I bought this men's shirt at JCrew. I like plaid shirts, and this one is soft.

6. Oh yeah! That reminds me. I hate fashion blogs now. I loved them yesterday and today I seethe  If I see one more "street style" fucking picture of some lady who looks exactly the fucking same as every other "street style" woman. I. Will. Vomit! I mean, I want inspiration, originality and some variation. Is there a place to look at pictures of real style on woman of all shapes and sizes? I have learned that to be good enough to be on a style blog you must be very thin. There are places for plus sized fashion, sites  that glamorize the "curvy" woman. That can mean anything at all other than thin all the way to obese. Like people who will obviously die from obesity related health problems parading around as "curvy." I feel like I am going to get a lightning bolt up the arse for saying that. We should just blindly want to look like the skinny stiletto girls but then just ignore health and get huge and call ourselves "curvy." Thats why I hate that term, fucking curvy. Is there no middle ground? Just a regular chick with awkwardly short arms in a great coat? How about a girl with big hips and tiny booblets in a striking dress? I know, how about a woman who is like 6 feet tall with an hour glass figure and small shoulders? hmmmm?


  1. AMEN on the fashion blog rant! I used to be stick skinny, but @ almost 40 that isn't the reality. I want inspiration, not being left feeling like crap'cause I don't look like I did @ 20.

  2. I completely agree on point 6! I wish more people focused on being healthy, rather than 'thin' or 'curvy.' Another fashion-related pet peeve is when people comment on Pinterest like, "Someone get that girl a hamburger!" Why all the girl-on-girl hate?

  3. i'd like to apply for the position of girl with big hips and tiny booblets in a striking dress.

  4. Um, wow. So that's what people think when they see me walking down the street, "That girl is so fat! She's going to die. Why does she even try to look nice?" Even disregarding the fact that I am healthy as a horse, shouldn't I be "allowed" to dress fashionably even though I don't look like anyone else?

    1. Not me. I am thinking "Damn. She is rock'n those jeans!" I like seeing all kinds of people showing off their fashion chops. Thats what I want to see online! Everyone, all shapes and sizes. I just don't like the term "curvy", and I think some people use the term in a way I find offensive. Like, its a way to dismis a woman who isn't "perfect." Or, its a way to talk about a woman who is morbidly obese, in a condescending way. I am glad you are healthy as a horse! Health is way more important than skinny thighs. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Browse through this incredible blog:
    No matter how eccentric it may seem at first (and second …) glance, it gave me a whole new perspective not only on fashion, but – on life, also!
    Hope you’ll have as much fun as I did!

  6. I concur on the fashion blogs. One of my BIG pet peeves is the toes pointed in, hunched over, head down pose. Why are all fashion bloggers pigeon-toed? And what the HELL is so interesting on the ground right at their feet?

    Also? If you need a short model with even shorter legs, nice waist & shoulders but little boobs, I'm you're girl.

  7. Love the number 6 rant. I agree totally. That is exactly how I feel about fashion blogs and magazines both right now. I get sick of seeing all the cookie cutter crap. There is no middle ground and no variety when it comes to fashion.
    Oh yeah, and I can totally draw some Mexican skully folks.

  8. My favourite street style blog is, from Finland. Everyone has such unique style on there - I can recommend it! ~ Sara

  9. All great ideas! Love interesting street style. I may have to just stop looking at my favorite pinterest fashion sources for a while. I guess its normal to get tired of stuff.

  10. So with you on No. 6 - it's like anything looks good as long as the girl is thin enough. Every great once in a while you see a little variety - but it is so rare! I like your attitude, lady!! <3

  11. I agree with Sara above. I've been reading Hel-looks for a looooong time. So different and refreshing. Another one I was going to suggest is HONY, which isn't really a fashion blog per se, but a street portrait photography blog. I just like that he captures everyone, all types, and maybe the focus is towards the happy and positive, or that everyone has their own story. I kind of wish my own town had a "fashion" street portrait blog or magazine. I like any photographer that just photographs all the different people that look interesting and intentionally put together, instead of only those that follow any fashion code.


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