Tuesday, March 5


Its a vicious cycle. I get an email..hey new DVF is in at The Outnet...

1. This DVF dress is cotton and silk. Much better than the viscos and other malarky that her wrap dresses can come in.
2. I like to double cuff this bad boy, like totally Shera the fuck out of it.
3. Pretty orange sunglasses. check.
4. I love these flat, strappy sandals. Its a great chance to get some McQueen at a deep discount.
5. That round thing is a clutch! Lucite! Mega chic. Mega McCarthy.
6. Pop o turquoise. Extra awesome points. Plus that color blue will look brighter and better the tanner you get. Oh did I say you? I mean me.

Can you tell I am dreaming of my upcoming trip to Miami? Everything available here.

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  1. Hi hi! I just found your blog through Amaryllis studio and got to tell you .. from the glimpse and perusing your past few postings, i am a fan! I'll be back :-)



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