Friday, March 29

Aw shucks

Thank you Emily for putting my art in your fabulous interiors again! You always choose the paintings I like best, with looser, more scribbly compositions. Those are my personal faves :) I promise I am not just saying that.

I know my shop is a little cleaned out of smalls right now, but I promise I am working on it. In other news I am super tired, but processing shipping today, so if you ordered a print or painting then they will be on the way to you soon :)


  1. I saw your paintings on Lynn + Lou blog yesterday, and got so excited. They were raving about your painting style, and I was saying in my head the whole time "she's a fantastic painter AND a badass bloggess!" I find your writing just as charming as your art work. ^^

    1. Thank you! What a very nice thing to say. Now I can take my disco nap with a compliment on the brain :)

  2. Just another designer obsessed with Michelle Armas paintings. ; ) You can never have too many.

    (Emily is one of my favorites, btw!)


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